The new external PSU has a low inrush current and very high electrical efficiency. The SMC 4000 is infinitely dimmable and separately adjustable for work and/or growth light. Because the hardware is not built-in, the lamp retains its compact shape and less shadow is created in the greenhouse. In addition, the user is flexible in his choice of placement and several luminaires can be connected to one PSU.

Own development

The Climalux grow light system has been developed in-house and is largely produced in the Netherlands and other European countries. So is the new PSU. Because the product is manufactured in-house, Climalux retains control over development and production; can respond quickly to market demands and can better monitor product safety and reliability.


The power supply meets the requirements of IP67, which guarantees that the product is dust and immersion proof. The SMC 4000 also meets the applicable CE standards.