A stronger crop means a reduction in lighting

Adjusted light intensity

The lighting and ventilation can be adjusted automatically and independently thanks to the light’s stepless dimming option. This creates a stable environment for the plant and requires less energy.

Energy efficient cultivation

Climalux used energy reduction as its starting point during development of the CLX V1000 grow light, to save on both gas and electricity consumption. Not only from an environmental point of view, but also to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Energy produced by the grow light is fully utilised: 50% for light and 50% for heat. This makes the Climalux light 25-30% more efficient than an HPS grow light and a gas saving of 35% is achieved for heating.

Inhibitor reduction

Artificial inhibitors are often required to ensure the quality of a plant. However, they also have a negative effect on the environment and are highly cost-prohibitive. Intensive crop trials under CLX V1000 grow lights have proven that the use of inhibitors can be minimised; in some cases they were no longer required. This is due to the microclimate created by the light and vertical airflow.

Available research results

A diverse range of trials have been conducted with different types of ornamental crops. Refer to our reports to see the results. For more information, please contact our specialists via info@climalux.nu or call +31 (0) 85 071 1020.





Pot chrysanthemum


A grow light system customised to the cultivation vision and requirements of every grower

CLX V1000
Horticulture Control Unit (HCU)
Power Supply Unit (PSU)

A Climalux greenhouse tour

Application for different crops

Every situation and every crop requires specific lighting. The full-LED grow light system with integrated vertical ventilation is suitable for every crop and is customised for every client.

Experience how Climalux can make the difference

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