Cultivation without natural light

Adjusted light intensity

The lighting and ventilation can be adjusted automatically and independently thanks to the light’s stepless dimming option. This creates a stable environment for the plant and requires less energy.

Cost efficient unit heat

The energy generated by the light is fully utilised by the vertical ventilation system. The air flows through the plants from above and is mixed with the cold air below. This creates a constant heat flow that increases the greenhouse temperature by several degrees, reducing gas consumption.

A grow light system customised to the cultivation vision and requirements of every grower

CLX V1000
Horticulture Control Unit (HCU)
Power Supply Unit (PSU)

A Climalux greenhouse tour

Application for different crops

Every situation and every crop requires specific lighting. The full-LED grow light system with integrated vertical ventilation is suitable for every crop and is customised for every client.

Experience how Climalux can make the difference

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