Full-LED grow light system with integrated vertical ventilation

The CLX V1000 grow light consists of a dimmable LED lighting unit and a vertical ventilation system that ensures uniform distribution of heat and moisture throughout the greenhouse.

Climax Full-LED grow light system

Climalux is fully focused on the development and production of high-quality full-LED grow light systems for vegetable cultivation and ornamental horticulture. The complete system is supplied with CLX V1000 grow lights, a control unit and power supply unit. Local technicians will install the system, under supervision of the Climalux team.

CLX V1000
Horticulture Control Unit (HCU)
Power Supply Unit (PSU)

Application for different crops

Every situation and every crop requires specific lighting. The full-LED grow light system with integrated vertical ventilation is suitable for every crop and is customised for every client.

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Gain insight into your specific lighting needs

No two lighting plans are the same. The grower’s cultivation vision, the crop, and specific location are key factors in determining the right lighting plan. This plan is geared towards optimal production and maximum savings.

By completing the ‘lighting plan form’, you will gain insight into your lighting needs. This is based on your own situation and supported by an obligation-free quote. It serves primarily as the basis for further discussions, in order to realise an optimal plan.

Made in Holland

The patented full-LED grow light system from Climalux is developed and produced in the Netherlands.

This means that we can quickly respond to market developments or client requirements, and have complete control of production processes and production times.