Ary de Jong of research company HortiTech was the first to speak, who told more about the ongoing practical studies in cucumber and tomato cultivation in an in-depth interview. He elaborated on the changing way of growing under these LED luminaires, but emphasized above all the benefits that this brings. Grower Vincent Lans van Lans Tomaten also spoke, who was very involved and followed the tests closely. He shared his positive experience and insights regarding the deployment of the CLX V1000 in both the test setup in the World Horti Center, and in his own greenhouse. “The cultivation is different, because the crop grows more naturally than under SON-T, because the sun is imitated in the lamp.”

After this first brief introduction to the new top lighting, Walter Kleijweg from Pliant gave a presentation where the possibilities of the central control of the Climalux fixture were explained. “The controller allows you to set your own rules and ensure that the system responds when it is needed. This can make a very big contribution to the return on investment for the company.” Finally, Frans van der Let of Climalux took the stage, where he explained the most important technical specifications again and went through the installation of the fixture in four steps.

Climalux’s online event was a great success. Would you like more information and see the practical studies with your own eyes? Watch the entire event back below (English subtitles available) or seek contact by clicking below.