Integrated climate control

At Carnation Nursery Nieuwland, the climate in all greenhouses is controlled by the Priva Connext horticultural computer, including the Climalux grow light system. Both the light and the ventilation of the lamps are controlled automatically and independently of each other. For example, the light is controlled on the basis of current energy prices, light requirements and ventilation based on relative humidity.

The horticultural computer is fully self-managing and in operation 24 hours a day. With the user-friendly operating programs, the grower has an overview of all cultivation processes at a glance, so that he can adjust them at any time.

Horticulture Control Unit

The Horticulture Control Unit from Climalux is the heart of the CLX-V1000 grow light system. The module provides a connection between the horticultural computer and the grow light system. It allows the user to arrange the lamps in any desired configuration. Multiple group divisions can also be made. For example, a primary growth light division can be made per department and, in addition, a secondary division can be made for, for example, walkway lighting, work light, etc. In addition, Climalux can monitor the system remotely, adjust it and upload software updates.

The grow light

When developing the CLX V1000 grow light, Climalux took energy saving as a starting point, both on gas and electricity. Not only from an environmental point of view, but also to save costs and increase efficiency.

The CLX V1000 grow light is composed of a dimmable lighting unit and a vertical ventilation system, which distributes heat and moisture evenly in a greenhouse. The unit creates a microclimate around each plant, caused by the adjustable vertical air movement in combination with the adjustable light intensity. By correctly linking the lamps together in a total system, they together form a cluster of climate cells that contributes to climate equality throughout the greenhouse and guarantees significant cost savings.

The New Cultivation

Climalux is a Dutch company that focuses entirely on the development and production of high-quality grow light systems for vegetable and ornamental crops based on Het Nieuwe Telen. All systems and components are developed in-house and produced in Europe. For more information, seek contact.