Technical specifications

The CLX V1000 full-led grow lamp was developed in the Netherlands based on the philosophy that we have to go back to nature. To achieve this, Climalux has developed a daylight LED grow lamp that simulates a spring sun to stimulate the crop. The spectrum of the CLX V1000 grow light is 20% blue (400-500nm); 38% mid (500-600nm); 40% red (600-700nm) and 2% FR (>700nm).

The Climalux Horticulture Control Unit is the connection between the horticultural computer and the grow light system. The connected full-led grow lights can be arranged in any desired configuration. Multiple group divisions can be created, each with its own light intensity, for example to prevent shadows along the gables, so that the light intensity in the greenhouse is the same everywhere. But separate groups for paths and workspaces are also possible. The smallest group can hold four grow lights.

The technical specifications are the starting points for optimal production and maximum energy savings for each crop.


  • Power: 200 – 1000 W (LED, dimmable).

  • PPF (PAR): 2300 μmol/s (max.).

  • Efficiency: 2,3 – 2,6 μmol/J.

  • Light angle: 120°.

  • Spectrum: 380 – 780 nm (full spectrum).

  • Conformity: CE.

  • Protection class: IP67.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

  • Power: 4 kW (max.).

  • Input: 400 Vac.

  • Efficiency: >97 %.

  • THD: 1,8 %.

  • Inrush current: 1,5 A.

  • Conformity: CE.

  • Protection class: IP67.

Unique Selling Points

  • Built-in vertical fan for crop heating, cooling and microclimate optimisation.

  • “Plug & Play” assembly.

  • Possibility of remote reading and control.

  • Diffuse glass for optimum light distribution.

  • Maintenance-free housing.

  • 5-year warranty (30,000 hours of operation).

  • Made in Holland.