Co-owner Chris Doelman indicates that the decision for these grow lights did not just come out of the blue. “For year we have grown with a SON-T grow light system”, says Doelman, “But we still opted for the Climalux LED grow light system because of the flexibility in lighting intensity and the deployment that the system offers in combination with the energy efficiency of the system. Each grow lamp is infinitely switchable for light and ventilation and contributes to a better microclimate. This allows us to better control the climate per species. And because the lamps are linked together in a total system, they together form a cluster of climate cells in the greenhouse that contributes to climate equality throughout the greenhouse, guaranteeing significant cost savings.”

Targeted light input

Doelman expects that with the system he can supply exactly the light input that is needed at the right place and at the right time. According to him, the amount of sunlight and outside temperature can be different every day and with the system the light level can be supplemented to the optimum level for maximum cultivation results. “Dimming without energy loss is of great value for achieving the optimum light sum.”

Multiple growing strategies

Due to the great variation in types and growth stages of the crops in the nursery, Doelman is continuously looking for the right balance between assimilation, evaporation and energy in the greenhouse. “The cultivation is complex, so that one cultivation strategy for the entire greenhouse is not feasible. There is continuous switching and your company equipment must also be able to comply with this. A lot of creativity and adaptability is required in cultivation and in that sense the carnations are also a resilient crop, on which you can apply various cultivation strategies. We have 110 varieties. There are sometimes several species under one lattice girder.” says Doelman.

Energy issue

Carnation Nursery Nieuwland strives for fossil-free production. Due to current developments in the energy market, the theme of lighting is somewhat under discussion, both from the perspective of energy prices and in relation to sustainability. For Doelman, lighting is part of the total puzzle he is working out for the company in the field of energy supply. The experiences and new developments should contribute to this in a positive way.

The grow light

The CLX V1000 grow light is composed of a dimmable lighting unit and a vertical ventilation system, which distributes heat and moisture evenly in a greenhouse. The unit creates a microclimate around each plant, caused by the adjustable vertical air movement in combination with the adjustable light intensity. By correctly linking the lamps together in a total system, they together form a cluster of climate cells that contributes to climate equality throughout the greenhouse and guarantees significant cost savings.


Climalux is a Dutch company that focuses entirely on the development and production of high-quality grow light systems for vegetable and ornamental crops based on ‘Het Nieuwe Telen’. All systems and components are developed in-house and produced in Europe. For more information, go to


Carnation Nursery Nieuwland was founded in 2001 by Ed Toussaint and Chris Doelman. In 2020, two partners joined the company: Arnoud Vooijs, responsible for sales and Mesut Arici, responsible for labour. Since then, Ed Toussaint has since been responsible for cultivation and Chris Doelman for finance, energy and innovation. The entrepreneurs operate from the Nieuwlandsepolderweg in Hoek van Holland, the Netherlands and have a modern greenhouse complex of approximately 28,000 m2. For sales they work together with carnation nursery Martin Zwinkels under the name Divine Flowers.