CLX V1000

The CLX V1000 is a toplight system, which can be used a single source of light without needing other additional sources such as HPS. The light source is finetuned to operate alongside the available daylight. Constant measurements of incoming daylight are incorporated into the steering of the light source, which results in a constant light level on the crop. The light source dims or powers up according to the set level of light and the available daylight.

The CLX V1000 emits a white light (for human eyes), which is comfortable to work under. Under normal usage, the light source has a lifespan of 50.000 hours, which results in low maintenance costs due to the lack of needing replacement. The Plug & Play cable system makes replacing light sources easy; when all the cables and components are installed, light sources can easily be swapped where the new light source will work instantly. 1 PSU can feed up to 4 light fixtures and works with 2 or 4 light fixtures.

The heat generated by the CLX V1000 is not wasted. This heat is actively blown downwards, into the greenhouse by independently controllable fans. On the one hand, this ensures the light source works properly, on the other hand, it feeds a warm stream of air to the heads of the plant which is beneficial for growth.

Years of research have led to the major qualities of the light source being developed in-house. These qualities make the CLX V1000 unique in its appearance and performance.

Watch this video to get to know more about the CLX V1000 (English subtitles available)

Knowledge support

Climalux has enlisted the help of HortiTech in 2020, to support with the researches. HortiTech specializes in horticultural knowledge transfer in various forms. In 2020, HortiTech has executed the researched ordered by Climalux at the World Horti Center. This has given HortiTech an abundance of technical and cultivation knowledge, which is being put to use to support the customers of Climalux when they install and operate the CLX V1000.