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Climalux focuses on the development and production of high-quality supplemental full-led lighting systems for vegetable and ornamental crops based on Plant Empowerment, in which energy-efficient growing and optimal production are key concepts. Production takes place in the Netherlands.

CLX V1000 grow light

Our CLX V1000 grow light is composed of a dimmable led-lighting unit and a vertical ventilation system, which distributes heat and moisture evenly in a greenhouse. The unit creates a micro-climate around each plant, caused by the vertical air movement in combination with the adjustable light intensity. By properly linking the led-lamps in a total system, they form a cluster of climate cells that contributes to climate uniformity throughout the greenhouse and guarantees considerable cost savings. Up to 35%.

The spectrum of the CLX V1000 grow lamp includes green light, which combined with red and blue light results in a balanced and healthy growth of the crop. The combination leads to white daylight in the greenhouse, which closely resembles the characteristics of a spring sun. The green part of the spectrum causes a greater penetration depth of light, especially in the top of the plant, resulting in intense photosynthesis deep in the leaf and canopy, resulting in a higher crop yield.

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