During a set period, a number of CLX V1000 grow lights were installed for the cultivation of hydrangeas, to monitor the effect of the grow light on the crop. The growing of the hydrangeas for this trial took place at a different location. At the trial location, they only needed to produce five leaf pairs and a flower.

The trial was conducted in a 2,000m2 greenhouse department in combination with two other crops: bougainvillea and French geraniums. The department was controlled climatologically and water-technically separately. In total, the section was equipped with 144 CLX V1000 grow lights. According to the researchers, the test has shown that the vertical air movement from the grow light leads to minimal use of inhibitors and a sturdier plant, which blooms more evenly.

The grow light

The CLX V1000 grow light is composed of a dimmable lighting unit and a vertical ventilation system, which distributes heat and moisture evenly in a greenhouse. The unit creates a micro-climate around each plant, caused by the vertical air movement in combination with the adjustable light intensity. By correctly linking the lamps in a total system, they form a cluster of climate cells that contributes to climate uniformity throughout the greenhouse and guarantees considerable cost savings.