New PSU lamp cable

The cable developed by Climalux is waterproof (IP67 classification) and, thanks to its 7-core construction, can also handle all data communications, 400 VDC and 12 V simultaneously. The cable has also been developed with ease of installation in mind. The simple plug&play system makes installation extremely easy. The assembly of the cable takes place in Europe, in cooperation with a Dutch manufacturer.

The grow light

The waterproof CLX V1000 grow light from Climalux was developed in the Netherlands based on the New Way of Growing: energy-efficient growing and optimal production. The dimmable lamp creates a microclimate around each plant, caused by the vertical air movement in combination with the adjustable light intensity. Each unit is fitted with diffused glass for better light distribution and penetration, resulting in a less stressful crop and stable plant temperature.


The lighting system has already won its spurs in various vegetable and ornamental crops. Each new crop is first thoroughly tested for the effects of the application in order to optimise savings and maximise yields. These processes sometimes take place at knowledge centres or experimental gardens, but are also carried out in collaboration with growers.